New year, who dis?

It’s the new year and you’re back on your “new year new me” bullshit. I see it all over social media, ” This is my year. 2017 was shit but 2018 is going to be the one”….. yeah okay. I’ll see you post a bunch of memes and statues updates about the gym like you earned something. 3 weeks later you will be back to using social media like a diary telling everyone how life is hard and you cant find the time to train.

If you were a little butt hurt by what I said good, Prove me wrong. I’m not here to tear you down but with fitness and getting healthy you need to be real with yourself. I really just want to help you succeed and achieve your goals I promise. With all that said I know most of you have no idea how to set these goals. When asking people what their  goals are I almost always get a very vague answer.  ” I will go to the gym more”, ” I want to be tone”, I want to lose fat and gain muscle” and “I’m going to try and eat healthier” These are very broad statements.

In the training world a lot of trainers use something called SMART. Specific, I want to lose 5 pounds or run a 5k marathon. Measurable, lose 5 pounds, run a 5k in 45 minutes, squat 225 pounds. Attainable, Can you achieve the goal? Realistic, will you stick to your plan and do what you have to? Is your goal of winning the world strongest man with 3 months of training possible? Timely, I want this done in 1 -3 months.  This can be a great tool for the right person.

Now on the other hand specific goal setting might not be best for you either. I know its confusing. Let’s say you start a 3 month program with me. In the first month or 6-10 weeks if you’re brand new to training with a small change in diet and solid plan that you stick to you will probably see some great results. After that 1-3 months its the smaller improvements that will be the most important and it becomes more about the workout themselves. It’s important to understand this so you don’t become dejected when you don’t see the same fast results like when you first started. Keep a log and look back every 4 weeks and see the progress you have made.

So how do you stick to these goals or keep grinding workout after workout? Honestly it’s not easy I believe if you want to you will. Dan john explains it the best at least for someone simple like me in his book, Never let go. “The secret to success is free will. free will? sure, call it what you want: self discipline, habits, free agency or my personal favorite no other damn choice.” For example soldiers in basic training.  You have no choice but to be at physical training at 0400 (that’s 4am for all my non military). Eat when they say eat, sleep when they say sleep, wear what they tell you to wear. All the choices have been made for you. The more choices you have during the day/ week you slowly use up your free will. How can we get some of that back or a little help?


  1. Get a trainer. Like the military a trainer will do all the work in telling you when to be there and what to do. taking all the guess work out is 90% of the battle just show up do the workout and stick to the meal plan.
  2. Join a Fitness group. Maybe its a class or finding a gym partner to help hold each other accountable.
  3. Tell everyone your goals. No seriously everyone. Friends, family, the mail man, that random person you just met at the party.  Use social media, blast that shit. “hey i’m trying to hit (insert goal here) so if you see me doing ( insert counterproductive behavior) Slap me really hard! Maybe let the fear of failing and looking like a jerk drive you. I don’t care if it works.
  4. Simplify your life. The number one reason people say they cant exercise is because they can’t find the time. Bullshit. Oh there was that 1 free hour you had to watch the same episode of law and order you have seen 5 times. Where is the rule saying that the weekend is not for working out and your calories magically don’t count? That’s a lot of time right there. The 5 hours you just spent trying to level up in that video game. How many hours a day do you spend staring at your cell phone, browsing social media?

Identifying and overcoming obstacles before they become a problem is a big way to stay on track. These are things such as social events, family, trips or vacations, illness or any thing that might threaten your progress.  Most of these things we have control over.  once you identify these things you can plan. Doing things like waking up 1 hour earlier to get your workout in. Booking a hotel with a gym. bringing a meal from home or having a protein shake ready. Illness is a tough one. We try to prevent that as much as possible with rest and proper nutrition. If you are sick or injured be sure to take the time off. You are not doing your body any favors by pushing it.

The biggest thing you need to ask yourself is why, why are you doing this? Now ask 3 more times until you are completely honest with yourself. You want a 6 pack, why because it will help you get laid? You want to lose 5 pounds, why that number, whats so important about 5 pounds? You want to be healthier for your family? You want someones Respect? You fear being normal? You need to be totally and brutally honest with yourself and your trainer. As a trainer all we can do is give you all the knowledge  we have. At the end of the day it really all comes down to you. Are you ready to commit, do you have the will power?

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