Top 10 gym etiquette’s

At one point in time we were all new to the gym, new to fitness. The gym can be a scary place if you don’t know what to do, what not to do where to stand when lifting this and that. The fact is some people just don’t care and they will do whatever they want, ASSHOLES. They feel that they are better than other people and don’t need to put weights away or need to stand right in front of you because they just have to have that mirror whatever it is DON’T BE THIS PERSON. I will try to set you up for success and hopefully teach you a few things on gym etiquette. Who knows maybe you will even make a gym buddy!

1.Hygiene  I get it you’re at the gym you are going to get sweaty and little stinky after all you are working hard…hopefully. Make sure to just throw on some deodorant and some fresh clothes before hitting the gym or a class.

2.Re rack weights and equipment I can think of few things that make me as mad as going to the rack and having to hunt down matching weights. Be sure to try to put them back in the right order most likely by weight. If you’re strong enough to pick the weight up you can put it back.

3.No curling in the squat rack I don’t think much needs to be said about this. Unless you’re putting 45 on each side of that bar just don’t do this. You can accomplish the same thing with a straight bar.

4.Stay off your phone I understand the need to have your phone. Music, selfies,  Checking your program or tracking your workout. I’m referring to the people who will sit on equipment and text or check social media. Someone else could actually be using that bench or weights just sitting at your feet. How serious can you be about your workout if you’re using your Bluetooth headphones to talk on the phone mid set?

5.Super setting I have no problem with super setting it’s a great way to break some plateaus,but some people really have an issue with it. If you’re going to super set just make sure you are not impacting other people too much. If someone happens to say anything just explain you will be done soon and apologize or ask if they want to work in with you.

6.Give people space It’s not only weird but rude when you’re mid set and someone just starts to hover over you because they want to use your equipment. I get you can’t just walk up and put a quarter on the machine. If you can’t find something else to do in the meantime just hang out nearby and wait.

7.Wipe down benches Nobody wants to lay in your sweat and i’m sure you don’t want to lay in theirs. Most gyms provide a towel and spray bottle for you, if not bring your own gym towel and just give a quick wipe.

8.Talking on the gym floor The gym can be an escape or place of solace for many people. Its great if you see an old friend or you need to talk your lifting partner but try to keep the gossip to a minimum and the activity high. side note, If someone has headphones in they probably don’t want to be bothered. Don’t be afraid to ask for a spot if you need it, better to ask then you hurt yourself.

9.If you’re sick stay at home  You’re going to the gym because you probably want to improve your health not make it worse. The same goes for everyone there.  Working out sick won’t help you make any progress in fact it will do the opposite. Your body needs to rest and recover. Hitting the gym or a class you’re only weakening your body further making it very hard to recover from your illness.

10.Be nice and stay humble On your great journey that is fitness and bettering ourselves it’s easy to lose our self. Maybe you hit a new personal record or you gained a few inches on your arms or you are finally seeing the abs you worked so hard for coming in. Keep the gym a safe and clean place and you will have a much better time.

It all comes down to being decent to each other. Respect one another and always do the right thing even when no one is looking. You can meet some great people who can push you and make you better on your long fitness journey but no one wants to help the jerk.       

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