New year, who dis?

It's the new year and you're back on your "new year new me" bullshit. I see it all over social media, " This is my year. 2017 was shit but 2018 is going to be the one"..... yeah okay. I'll see you post a bunch of memes and statues updates about the gym like you... Continue Reading →

Top 3 fitness supplements

    Why 3? Why not top 5 or 10? While I definitely could write a top 10 list of supplements you could take from most effective to least I really just want to stick to the one’s that I feel are the most beneficial. The most bang for your hard-earned money. Supplements can be very... Continue Reading →

Top 10 gym etiquette’s

At one point in time we were all new to the gym, new to fitness. The gym can be a scary place if you don’t know what to do, what not to do where to stand when lifting this and that. The fact is some people just don’t care and they will do whatever they want,... Continue Reading →

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